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An Introduction to Philosophy: The Perennial Principles of the Classical Realist Tradition, by Daniel J. Sullivan

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How to Think About the Great Ideas: From the Great Books of Western Civilization, by Mortimer J. Adler, Max Weismann (Editor)

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Table of Contents

The Mortimer J. Adler Archive
A biography, bibliography, anecdotes, essays and other works by Dr. Mortimer Adler currently on this website.

The Jonathan Dolhenty Archive
Essays about philosophical realism, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, cosmology, logic, statistics, commentaries on current affairs, and other items by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty.

Adventures in Philosophy
A brief history of philosophy and the doctrines of the major philosophers, plus their positive contributions, if any, to the Perennial Philosophy of Classical Realism. Now includes American, Islamic, Eastern, and Jewish Philosophy, plus Political Philosophy.

The Classic Philosophers Series
Expanded presentations of the philosophy of many of the main philosophers of Western civilization.

The System of Thomas Aquinas
One of the leaders of the neo-Thomistic revival, Maurice de Wulf, gives a concise exposition of the central doctrines of the philosophical system formulated by Thomas Aquinas.

Philosophical Critiques
Essays providing critiques of some of the major ideas and philosophies in the history of Western philosophy from the viewpoint of Classical Realism.

A Glossary of Philosophical Terms
Classical Realists, besides using words common to the English language, also have a technical vocabulary. Here are some definitions.

Philosophical Quotations
A section within the Philosophy Resource Center, this dictionary of quotations includes many thinkers expressing their views on philosophy, politics, and the human condition.

Mini-Courses in Philosophy
Brief lessons on the basic topics in the major branches of Classical Realistic philosophy. Designed & organized by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty and intended primarily for the beginning student of philosophy.

Ask the Academy
Questions, answers, and discussions of various topics submitted by our visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions
Access our database of frequently asked questions and answers by category or keyword search.

Resource Centers

The Philosophy Resource Center
Classic texts online, links to websites, onsite articles, search engines, a dictionary of philosophical quotations, and more.

The Politics Resource Center
Our main political portal: classic texts online, onsite articles, opinion & commentary, media resources, links to related websites, breaking news, and more.

The Religion Resource Center
Classic texts online, religion news, links to related websites, onsite articles, search engines, and more.

The Education Resource Center
All kinds of education resources, including homeschooling information, homework & study help, and articles.

The Science Resource Center
Science news, links to related websites, and onsite articles.

The Media Resource Center
Media resources from all over the world, newslinks, weather, and more.

The Better Living Resource Center
Hundreds of onsite articles & resources in 15 different categories to help you improve your life.

The Business & Finance Resource Center
Essays, indices, charts and other resources about personal finance, real estate, stocks, bonds, and home businesses.

Basic Philosophy Bookshelf:
The Academy has established a recommended list of books for a basic philosophy bookshelf. This list is located at Powell's Books. A description of the book is usually provided along with its current price. The books may be purchased off this list with all the convenience of shopping at Powell's.

Introductory Essays

The Center for Applied Philosophy promotes Classical Realism and Classical Liberalism. The following essays will provide information for those who are unfamiliar with these traditions.

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