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General Resources
Data resources, religious directories on the Internet; a guide to websites with different religious viewpoints.

Western Religions
An Internet guide to many resources dealing with the religions of the Western world.

Eastern Religions
An Internet guide to many resources dealing with the religions of the Eastern world.

Religious Texts Online
A list of theological and religious texts, most of them classical writings, available on the Internet.

Articles & Essays
An archive of articles and essays dealing with topics related to religion, including special features and resources.

Search the Bible
See what the Bible has to say about almost any topic or subject, and search Bible reference works.

Videos & DVDs
A collection of video casettes & DVDs for sale about various topics to do with religion.

In the Philosophy Resource Center

Philosophical Quotations
A dictionary of quotations from many thinkers about philosophy, politics, and the human condition.

Onsite Magazine Articles

Offsite News Resources

Academy Showcase Specials

Highlighted Websites

Philosophia Perennis: An introduction to Philosophy as Wisdom
This is an introduction to the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas by Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M., but also includes within it references to the theological dimensions of Thomistic philosophy and its place in traditional Catholic thought. Aquinas was a theologian as well as a philosopher and this work serves to integrate some of his doctrines in both areas of knowledge. Includes logic, cosmology, psychology, epistemology, ontology, and ethics.

The Boston Catholic Philosophical Forum
The BCPF is a platform of discussion tangent to contemporary issues both philosophic and theological relative to the Roman Catholic Church. It is a tribunal of reason, as well as common sense, before which latent elements in current issues concerning the laity and Religious alike are openly and critically examined through the canons of reason and in light of the authentic Magisterium of the Church.

The Metaphysics of Mysticism - A Commentary on the Mystical Philosophy of St. John of the Cross
The Metaphysics of Mysticism is a philosophical inquiry into the phenomenon of mysticism, with emphasis on a critical examination of epistemological issues concerning the credibility of cognitive elements in the mystical experience, and ultimately in light of the problem of induction.

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The Radical Academy believes it is important for all students to be acquainted with a wide variety of religious, political, economic, and social philosophies. Therefore, we present this resource center as a help to students in gathering information about these viewpoints. No implication should be made regarding our agreement or disagreement with the material presented here. If you know of a reference we should list, please e-mail us the name and URL. Also, please notify us of any broken links. Thank you.

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