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Mini-Courses in Classical Realistic Philosophy

These short lessons are primarily designed for the beginning student in philosophy or as a brief review for the advanced student of philosophy. Be aware that these lessons are based in the Theistic Tradition of Classical Realism, rather than in the secular tradition of Classical Realism.

Before beginning any of these mini-courses, you may want to read one or more of the following background essays:

Index of Mini-Courses

Introduction: What is Philosophy and Why is it Important?

The Development of Philosophy, Part I: The Philosophy of Socrates and Plato

The Development of Philosophy, Part II: The Philosophy of Aristotle

The Development of Philosophy, Part III: The Course of Philosophy After Aristotle

The Logical Question: The Correct Procedure in Reasoning

The Epistemological Question: The Theory of Knowledge

The Ontological Question: The Philosophy of Being in General

The Cosmological Question: The Philosophy of Inanimate Being

The Psychological Question: The Philosophy of Animate Being

The Ethical Question: The Philosophy of Morality

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