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(1) Be courteous and respectful toward others; we want the forum to be a comfortable place for discussion and comments.

(2) No profanity or obscene language; no racial or religious slurs; attack the argument, not the person; posts with personal attacks will be removed.

(3) Do not place advertising in the forum - your post will be removed.

(4) Do not post links to any website which contains anything of a pornographic nature. We take a very dim view of kiddie-porn and do report the URLs.

(5) Do not post links to any website which promotes violence, or gambling, or lotteries, or contains any content which is not fit for the youngest members of a family to view.

(6) Be aware that this feature is monitored by the webmaster and any links to websites which are deemed inappropriate will be removed and the perpetrator will be barred from using this feature.


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