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Colleges & Universities With Liberal Arts Programs
A list and description of higher education institutions which offer a true liberal arts program, usually including a study of the Great Books of Western Civilization.

Study Help & Home Schooling
Websites offering study help and/or information about home schooling.

Christian Home Schooling
A list of websites offering help and information about Christian home schooling. This list is continually updated.

Christian Higher Education
A list of websites offering help and information about Christian institutions of higher learning. This list is continually updated.

Article & Essay Archive
Essays & articles about education which are hosted on the Radical Academy website.

Education Media Page
Videos and DVDs which have an educational and instructional purpose - our recommendations and the bestsellers.

Special Educational Resources


Highlighted Website Elsewhere On The Internet

Kidipede - History for Kids
History for Kids began in 1995 as a community service learning project for sophomores at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Since 2000, however, it has been entirely privately owned, organized and run by Karen Carr. Dr. Carr holds a PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and is an associate professor of History at Portland State University. Her interests lie especially in the Greek and Roman worlds, which is where this site began. History for Kids teaches human history in the most accessible possible way. It enables all people to understand and appreciate the past.

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