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The Radical Academy Chat Room
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In our chat room you can ask and answer questions, pose a problem or solve one, challenge, educate, inform, debate, or make comments.

Enter the Chat Room

The Chat Room is currently open for anyone to use. Please observe our rules listed below.

Chatroom Rules:

  • Be courteous and respectful toward others; we want the chat room to be a comfortable place for discussion and comments.
  • No profanity or obscene language; no racial or religious slurs; attack the argument, not the person; posts with personal attacks will be removed.
  • Do not place advertising in the chat room - your post will be removed.
  • We do not require any registration at this time to post in our chat room. Anyone is free to post as long as he or she observes our few simple rules.
  • Be aware that this chat room is monitored by the webmaster. Any person violating our rules will be temporarily or permanently barred from the chatroom.

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