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Here's a cute little cartoon called "Sister Barbara." Click Here to view it.

This is a cartoon about the theory of evolution submitted to us by a 12-year-old. Click Here to view it.

Back in the 1990s, before we went on the World Wide Web with our website, some of us were involved with a print publication called The Freedom Express. During that period, and with Bill Clinton in the White House, we used to run some political cartoons, most of them dealing with the shenanigans occurring within the Clinton administration. Some of these cartoons, all by our anonymous Dr. Petronius Arbiter, are now being posted here.

The Bill Clinton Cartoons -
Papa Bill's Journal

Think before you do bad things!!!

In Times Like These, Maybe You Need Something Comically Therapeutic... 

Elsewhere On The Internet: Comics Resources - directory of comics-related websites and discussion groups.

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